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New dyslexia school launching in Carlisle

The West Cumbria Dyslexia Association has announced the launch of their new Saturday School for Dyslexic children up to 16 years old, starting in the Carlisle Youth Zone on the 27th April.

“We get so many calls from parents in Carlisle and north Cumbria on our helpline asking for help and advice that we decided it was time to replicate the Saturday Schools we already run in Maryport and Seascale.” Explained Vivienne Tregidga, Chair of the WDCA.

With mainstream schools experiencing so many funding cuts means they aren’t always able to provide the specialist support a dyslexic child requires. “There is a broad spectrum of dyslexia ranging from the simple inability to spell and read quickly or reading aloud, through to being unable to read at all.” Explained Vivienne. “It can also effect concentration and memory and maybe the ability to judge space making the child appear clumsy.”

“In the past this condition has been labelled stupidity, but we now know that the dyslexic brain is far from stupid. In fact, it’s incredibly quick and innovative at finding solutions. This is why it’s sometimes difficult to know when a child is having difficulties with reading, writing and spelling, because they are so clever at finding a way round it.” Says Vivienne.

“It is this keen ability to problem solve that is responsible for a lot of our highly successful business people and innovators, for example Sir Richard Branson is very dyslexic.”

“Dyslexia means the brain has another way of learning and knowing this enables us to structure our classes accordingly making it fun and easy for children to learn. Our specialist teachers provide 1-2-1 tuition using tried and tested games, tailoring each one-hour session directly at that individual child’s needs.”

“We have been running these schools for many years in west Cumbria and feel very excited at now being able to reach children in the north of the county and help them gain a better education.”

We are a small charity run by a few dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping dyslexic children, and we’re always in need of financial support to help us purchase iPads and teaching aids and welcome businesses or individuals who would like to be involved.

The Carlisle classes start on the 27th April at the Youth Zone at 9.30 and 11.00. Children do not need to have had an assessment in order to come along to our classes.

The cost is £50 for a block of 4 sessions across four Saturdays during each half term. Please call us on 07704 326 452 to enrol your child or for more information on how to recognise the signs of dyslexia please take a look on our website

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