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Barrow Lifeboat called to assist two people cut off by the incoming tide

ILB Vision of Tamworth (Barrow RNLI)

The volunteer crew from the RNLI’s Barrow station launched their inshore lifeboat this afternoon, Monday 25th March, to go to the aid of two people at Foulney Island, south east of Barrow.

The alarm was raised by RNLI volunteers at Roa Island who observed two people who were walking on Foulney Island and attempting to make their way back to safety along the Foulney Embankment.

The two men had become cut off by the incoming tide and were attempting to get back to the mainland by wading through the water. The lifeboat crew was paged and the inshore lifeboat, ‘Vision of Tamworth’, was launched at 2:55pm. The casualties were recovered by the lifeboat and brought back to the safety of Roa Island. The two men were uninjured.

The lifeboat was re-housed and by 3:20pm had been made ready for the next launch.

The wind at the time of the incident was westerly, Force 3, and the high tide had just passed at 2:23pm with a height of 9.3 metres.

An RNLI spokesman said: “Whenever walking at the coast, its always a good idea to check the local weather conditions and tides before going out in order to reduce the risk of getting into difficulty.”

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