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GRAHAM to deliver new cancer centre at Cumberland Infirmary

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Leading contractor GRAHAM has been awarded an £18.3 million contract to design and construct the new cancer centre at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The project was awarded through the Procure22 Framework and will see GRAHAM deliver an 18-bay chemotherapy suite, a three-bed bay for day patients, two LINAC bunkers and a CT scanner suite.

The work will also see new consultation and examination rooms, clinical planning and mould rooms and additional space for support staff.

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Keith Hayes, Healthcare Director for GRAHAM, said: “The project to create a new cancer centre at Cumberland Infirmary will play a vital role in improving facilities and services available to clinicians, patients and families across the region. It’s a crucial piece of work, and a positive step towards realising the NHS England Specialised Commissioners’ strategy for delivering sustainable models for cancer services in Cumbria.

“GRAHAM enjoys a strong track record of delivery across the healthcare sector and we look forward to working with partners to help realise a project that will have a really positive impact for those who rely on the specialist care services offered at North Cumbria University Hospital.”

Services delivered in the new facility will include radiotherapy, day-case chemotherapy, oncology late phase clinical trials and oncology outpatient clinics.

A supportive therapies unit and management team for the services offered in the new facility will also be based in the cancer centre.

The improvement and expansion of facilities at North Cumbria University Hospital is part of a joint vision outlined by NHS England Specialised Commissioners and The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide local access to sustainable modern oncology treatments and clinical trials.

As part of the new facility modular dry interlocking blocks will be used in the construction of the LINAC bunkers to provide protection from radiation outside of the bunkers.

Building design will prioritise the health, wellbeing and comfort of patients, the clinicians’ needs and patient flow through the facility.

The project is currently in the design phase, with work expected to complete in January 2021.

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