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Carlisle teens to give back to their community on NCS Action Day

On Saturday April 6th teenagers from Carlisle will be donating their Saturday to help make positive changes in the local community as part of Action Day, a national movement organised by National Citizen Service (NCS).

The Carlisle Inspira centre will be open from 10 to 1pm for a Coffee morning. The team are inviting members of the community who might feel lonely and isolated at times to come along and have a chat. At the same time, the team are also launching their recycle/ upcycle project – calling on people to drop off their unwanted and used furniture.

“We work with lots of young people over the year on National Citizen Service and other programmes,” said Area Operations Manager Susan Watkins. “As part of these projects we are collecting unwanted furniture which we can recycle and upcycle for local charities to either use or sell. Any donations are gratefully received.”

Action Day is an annual event which aims to showcase the true power of young people as NCS graduates use the skills and experience they gained on programme to continue to make positive changes in their local area.

Taking place outside of term time, NCS is a once–in-a-lifetime opportunity open to 16 and 17 year olds across England and Northern Ireland. It is a unique two to four week programme that helps young people build skills for employment, such as resilience, confidence and leadership, build trust between people of different backgrounds, and give back to their local communities through a social action project.

After completing the initial programme, participants become NCS graduates, with access to a wide range of opportunities and support to continue making their mark in their communities.

To find out more about the NCS programme or to sign up visit

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