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Sue Hayman MP on Brexit Indicative Votes

Sue Hayman MP

Speaking following the indicative votes on potential Brexit proposals in the House of Commons last night, Workington MP Sue Hayman said: “Last night, I voted for a number of amendments put forward and supported by MPs from across the House. Yesterday’s debate was as a result of the Government’s complete failure to negotiate a Brexit deal that can protect, jobs, rights, and the economy.

“The Prime Minister’s deal has already been defeated twice in the House of Commons, and in the absence of leadership from the Government, it is right that Parliament has the chance to express its view on the way forward.

“Labour has set out two credible approaches we could support, to prevent No Deal, or a damaging Tory Brexit deal. These are:

  • Labour’s alternative Brexit plan (Amendment K), with a close economic relationship based around a permanent Customs Union, close alignment to the Single Market, and robust protections for rights and standards
  • A public vote between a credible Leave option and Remain

“I supported amendments that were consistent with this approach and kept options on the table to prevent No Deal or a damaging Tory Brexit.

“In addition to supporting Labour’s Amendment K, I supported Amendment M, which calls for a confirmatory referendum on any deal that is approved by Parliament.

“Amendment M calls for a confirmatory public vote against any deal that is negotiated, to ensure that the Prime Minister cannot force through a damaging Brexit deal without it being approved through a confirmatory public vote.

“I also supported Amendment J, which advocates the inclusion of a permanent Customs Union in any Brexit deal, and Amendment D, the so-called Common Market 2.0 or Norway+ amendment.

“Labour has long advocated a comprehensive and permanent customs union as part of any future relationship with the EU – we recognise this is a vital component of protecting jobs and supply chains, and preventing a hard border in Northern Ireland.”

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