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Carlisle local focus team assist City Council licensing team in scrap and waste operation

Cumbria Constabulary’s Carlisle Local Focus team yesterday (2nd April) assisted Carlisle City Council’s Licensing and Enforcement teams stopping vehicles, which were carrying waste materials or scrap metal.

Sergeant Chris Blain said: “Whilst the main aim today was to look at the licensing aspect, we were disappointed to find a number of vehicles in a dangerous condition.

“One vehicle was in an unsafe condition and issued with a prohibition order, preventing the vehicle being used until it had been repaired. Another vehicle was found to be carrying an insecure load; officers took appropriate action to ensure the load was made safe.”

A spokesperson from the Carlisle City Council Licensing Team said: “Our officers working together with other agencies hope to clean up the scrap metal industry in Carlisle and protect our community, businesses and reputable dealers from untrustworthy collectors who cause such damage, distress and disruption.”

The scrap metal law was introduced to enable scrap metal dealers to verify that the metal they are buying is from genuine sources. The Act means that anyone running a business as a scrap metal dealer, whether a site or a collector, must be licensed by their local council.

Applicants are checked and have to meet certain criteria. All payments for scrap metal must be made by cheque or by electronic transfer of funds; dealers are not allowed to take cash. The collector is also required to keep records of any scrap delivered to a scrap yard or any scrap they collect from people’s houses, as well as details of the customer. Any dealer who is not licensed or who takes cash is committing a criminal offence.

A Carlisle City Council Enforcement spokesperson, who has the responsibility for ensuring vehicles carrying waste material are correctly licensed, said: “Today’s checks worked in partnership with the police to carry out vehicle checks to ensure those that carried or transferred waste had the documentation to do so. This activity raises awareness for both businesses and householders of their responsibility when dealing with waste.

“If you transport or dispose of waste you must register for an Environment Agency Waste Carriers License. Businesses and householders also have a duty of care to ensure their waste is passed on to an authorised waste carrier.”

The city council said it would continue to work with external partners to ensure that it keeps Carlisle clean to help reduce illegal disposal of waste.

You can check to see if a company is registered by accessing the following –

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