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Bowness & Windermere businesses support a shake up for the towns

Bowness & Windermere Forward, ‘The Shake Up Night’. Photo Victoria Sedgwick

The future of Windermere and Bowness looks bright as nearly fifty local business people took part in a meeting to debate and discuss innovative ideas and projects for the area including the new markets which will be taking place on the tennis courts by the Glebe in Bowness between April and September.

Hosted by the community and business organisation Bowness & Windermere Forward, ‘The Shake Up Night’ took place at The Lamplighter in Windermere on Thursday evening.

The high attendance was attributed to Cumbrian events and PR company Flock who were tasked by Bowness & Windemere Forward to raise awareness about the upcoming markets and to attract people to The Shake Up Night. Project Manager for Bowness & Windermere Forward Helen Moriarty said;

“Over the course of a week Flock met with over eighty business owners face-to-face and were really encouraged to report back to us that there was a 97% positive response to the upcoming markets. The social campaign has already reached over 10,000 local people and there is a real buzz around not only the markets but about other forward-thinking events in the local area too. It was great to have so many people attend The Shake Up Night because it’s vital that we listen to local business owners so future projects continue to be well-thought-out and properly informed. Input from local business owners was optimistic and constructive, it’s clear that this area is a fantastic place full of forward-thinking people prepared to make things happen.”

Delegates at The Shake Up Night also discussed things that affect both people and tourists’ overall experience of the towns such as poor signage, traffic and parking and a lack of quality local events. Whilst it was recognised that there were issues, there was a groundswell of positivity about the two towns working closer together to make positive changes. Bowness & Windermere Forward are an organisation made up of representatives from the community, large and small businesses, town, county and district councils.

Their mission is to enhance Bowness and Windermere for the benefit of all and a range of initiatives including tidying up ‘grot spots’ across Windermere and Bowness, and introducing ‘Welcome Volunteers’ to Windermere Station are already underway. For more information please see

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