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Council warns of text scam

Residents are being warned about fake texts suggesting they are due a refund on their council tax. These texts are false and appear to be a phishing scam.

Allerdale Borough Council has been contacted by a number of customers saying they have received a text that suggests they are due to receive a council tax refund.

These texts are believed to be a phishing scam and are not sent on behalf of the council.

If customers are due a refund the council informs them by post. If the council has the customer’s bank details it pays the refund direct. If not, the customer is asked to contact the council direct to arrange a refund.

The council is therefore advising anyone who receives any text of this type to not click on any links and just to delete it.

These texts have not come from the council, and the council’s IT systems have not been compromised in any way.

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