Cumbria Crack

Jury told of “major” plot to supply class A drugs in Cumbria

Sharnee Dawkins outside Carlisle Crown Court (Photo Staff Reporter)

A JURY has heard how more than a dozen people were involved in a “county lines” plot to peddle class A drugs to Cumbrian addicts.

Carlisle Crown Court heard today (TUES) of a “major” operation to supply both heroin and crack cocaine in the county which ran between June and November last year.

Thirteen people – nine from Cumbria and four from the Liverpool area, have admitted being involved in a conspiracy to supply the illicit substances.

However, two other people from Carlisle – Daniel Brennan, 32, and 29-year-old Sharnee Dawkins – along with a teenager from the Merseyside area, 19-year-old James Bailey, each deny the allegation, and have gone on trial.

Prosecutor Tim Evans alleged the trio had – with the 13-strong gang – assumed roles as drugs were transported from Liverpool to Cumbria, and then distributed with the help of “local residents” who allowed homes to be used for the storing, packaging and wrapping of drugs, and the hoarding of cash.

Mobile phones had also played a “key role”, mass message “text bombs” offering substances for sale.

“These types of drugs supply operation are now invariably in the news called ‘county lines’ operations, because the drugs are moving from county to county, over county boundaries,” said Mr Evans.

It was alleged Brennan, of Woodside North; Dawkins, of Crummock Street, both Carlisle; and Bailey, of Birkrig, Skelmersdale; had played parts in the plot. However, Mr Evans said to the jury: “The fact that other people have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy doesn’t in itself mean that these (three) individuals are guilty of a conspiracy.”

The trial, which is expected to last at least two weeks, continues.

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