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Warning message issued for Easter Holidays

The power company which operates the region’s electricity network has issued a stark warning for the Easter holidays.

With thousands of school children now enjoying the holidays, Electricity North West is calling on parents, guardians and children to take note of all electricity warning signs and to stay away from the powerful network.

Clive Wilkinson, operations director at Electricity North West

Clive Wilkinson, operations director at Electricity North West, said: “The Easter holidays are a great time for families and youngsters to enjoy the great outdoors, but, it’s vital they stay alert and take note of any nearby parts of the electricity network.

“That includes overhead lines, electricity substations and the numerous power poles. We have yellow ‘danger of death’ signs in and around the electricity networks for a reason.

“It really is vital people take note of these and stay alert, aware and safe.”

Families are warned to not use equipment such as kites near overhead lines as electricity can travel down the string of a kite. Not only that, fisherman are asked to look out for overhead lines when casting and if people lose a ball or Frisbee in a substation, they are urged not to retrieve it.

“Should any objects people are playing with land in a substation, we urge people not to attempt to climb in and retrieve it,” added Clive.

“What they should do is contact Electricity North West on our freefone emergency number, 105, and our specially trained engineers will attend and retrieve the objects.

“Electricity is extremely powerful and potentially fatal, it’s key that parents and guardians take note and also take a few minutes to explain to children the potential dangers of electricity.”

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