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Crook who had blades and “knuckle duster” ring in public is jailed

Ryan Simpson

A MAN found in possession of two blades and a “knuckle duster” ring in public less than three weeks after being released from prison has been sent back to custody.

Ryan Neil Simpson, 40, was jailed for two years last September following a bout of bad driving which was seen by an off-duty police officer.

Simpson was released to his mother’s address on a home detention curfew on March 7. But he breached that after being “thrown out” when he returned to drugs, and was arrested by police at a Workington pub on March 27.

Carlisle Crown Court heard today (WED) how a hand-held “punch knife” was found on a strap around Simpson’s neck. A small finger blade was located in his pocket, and he also had a knuckleduster-style ring with “two points emanating from it”. None had been used to threaten.

When strip-searched in custody, small amounts of heroin and cannabis were found.

Simpson, of Queen Street, Maryport, admitted possession of two bladed articles, an offensive weapon and the drugs.

He was jailed for six months by Recorder Charles Garside QC, who read of Simpson’s 162 previous crimes, and observed: “Since you were 16 years old you have been committing criminal offences, and you have been in and out of prison.”

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