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Dog walkers caught failing to pick up after their pets

Two early-morning walkers from Maryport have been apprehended by Allerdale Borough Council officers for dog fouling incidents.

One fixed penalty notice was issued at 8.24am on Sunday on the green at Strand Street where a Jack Russell terrier was let out by its owner to foul the grass where local children play football.

The second incident came at 9.15am on Monday in nearby Woods Harbour. This man has been reported to the police after becoming aggressive with the female council officer who issued a fixed penalty notice.

Charles Holmes is Allerdale Borough Council’s head of community services. He says: “The fact both these incidents were spotted by our officers early in the morning, and that one of them was on a Sunday, shows how serious our teams take dog fouling.

“Failing to pick up after your dog in a public place is not only disgusting, it is illegal. To allow your pet to foul in green spaces where you know children play is doubly offensive. How would you feel if it was you or your child which fell in that mess?

“I will also emphasise that we will never tolerate acts of aggression towards our staff. I would like to thank Cumbria Police and other Allerdale Borough Council officers for responding quickly and robustly to this upsetting incident. We will not hesitate to report people to the police if threats are made.”

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