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Carlisle’s Charity bookshelf on track for another successful year

NSPCC Community Fundraising Manager Sandra Jones with Dave Broughton from Virgin Trains Carlisle

A bookshelf scheme that has run for the last year at Carlisle Train station is being extended for another year due to its unprecedented success.

The bookshelf and donation box, organised by NSPCC community fundraising manager Sandra Jones, has raised almost £2,000 in the past year for the children’s charity.

Sandra said: “The bookshelf has been a great way for us to raise money, while giving travellers through the station some great opportunities to pick up a book to read on their journey.

“It’s because we’ve had such a success with the bookshelf that the station invited us to continue it for another year – but to make it work we desperately need more donations of books. So if anyone has some books at home that they’re never going to read again, perhaps gathering dust, we’d love to find a new home for them via Carlisle Train Station.

“Who knows where your old books could end up?”

The Virgin Trains team at Carlisle, which have supported the book shelf scheme, has also supported the charity through collections at the station. In a collection last week, the NSPCC raised £158, to add to their book shelf total.

Sandra added: “I’d like to thank Dave and Cath Broughton of Virgin Trains who have been so supportive of us with our fundraising. The fundraising opportunities they and the team have offered us ensure that we can keep making a big difference in the lives of children in Carlisle and around the UK.”

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