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Want to know more about work on your local river or lake?

Screenshot of the Partnership’s website where visitors can explore a map of local river and lake projects

A new website offering extensive information on river and lake improvement projects happening across West Cumbria has been launched.

Rivers and lakes are a central part of Cumbria’s lifestyle and economy and we expect a lot from them including recreation opportunities, drinking water, managed flood risk, sewage treatment, water for industry, and wildlife habitats.

Managing these diverse demands can be difficult and requires organisations, businesses and communities to work together. The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership brings people together to prioritise, plan and deliver projects that benefit people, wildlife and the economy.

The Partnership, led by West Cumbria Rivers Trust, includes local and county councils, Government agencies, conservation organisations, businesses, anglers, farming organisations and community groups and ensures work is done collaboratively with sharing of information, ideas and resources.

The partnership has launched a new website designed by Bunting Design Co. where visitors can find:

  • an interactive map showing the projects that are happening in your local area
  • extensive data on rivers and lakes and the issues they face, including water quality, fish populations and flood risk zones
  • the Catchment Action Plans, detailing planned projects and what the group would like to see for each river in West Cumbria

Vikki Salas, Assistant Director at West Cumbria Rivers Trust, said: “The website is great for anyone interested in their local water course. You can learn more about the issues we face and see what all the different agencies involved are doing to address them. We’d love to hear from you if you have ideas on what you’d like to see from your local rivers and lakes.”

Jo Ratcliffe, Catchment Coordinator at the Environment Agency, said: “It is fantastic people can now go online and see all the river and lake improvement projects that the West Cumbria partners are working on together, as well as our plans for the future of our water courses.  Have a look at the website to find out more.”


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