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Eden District Council’s Local Land Charges Service currently return 99% of LLC1 and CON29 Local Authority searches within 10 working days of validation, and often see return times within 5-7 working days.

The Council also offers an ‘expedited’ service for the return of searches within three working days for an additional charge where a faster turnaround time is required.

The Council offers two types of searches:

  1. An LLC1 search is an Official Certificate of Search of the Local Land Charges Register and contains information registered against a property or land. This could reveal matters such as Tree Preservations Orders, whether the property is a Listed Building or Enforcement Notices.
  2. A CON29 search is a local authority search which looks at all the information held by the Local Authority, Cumbria County Council and National Parks on a specific property.

Last year 99% of local authority searches, LLC1 and CON29 were returned within 10 working days of validation. The Council’s aim is to return where possible all searches within 10 working days of validation.

Much of the information required to undertake a search resides with the local authority, this allows the Council to offer a full and comprehensive service. The Council has excellent relationships with third party bodies in respect of the CON29 questions allowing fast turnaround times.

A search can be submitted direct to Eden District Council on a Law Society official search form by email to: [email protected], by post to the address below, or through one of the approved and regulated electronic land and property search portals.

Oliver Shimell, Assistant Director Planning and Economic Development explained: “The Land Charges Service provided by Eden District Council is an excellent service and one of the best performing in the North West of England. The Council’s Local Land Charges Officers are a dedicated team with many years of experience and we offer a competitive and professional service which allows us to process and return searches within the timescale set out above. We supply accurate and accredited search information in the official Law Society LLC1 and CON29 format.

“I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about carrying out a Land Charge Search on a property to consider contacting the Council’s Land Charges Team to discuss the service that we offer.”

Details of the Council’s Local Land Charges can be viewed on the Council’s Website at the following link: Fees start from £22 for LLC1 only or £106 for both LLC1 & CON29 (including VAT). A full list of fees and charges can be found at

For further information regarding fees or advice on the service we provide and costs, you can email: [email protected] or telephone 01768 817817 or write to: Local Land Charges Eden District Council Mansion House Friargate Penrith CA11 7YG.

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