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Carlisle man fined for contempt of court after swearing at crown court usher

John Rogers

A CARLISLE man who swore at a crown court usher has been fined by a judge and warned about his future conduct.

John Rogers, 42, found himself in hot water last month as he watched a criminal case involving another person from a public gallery at the city’s Earl Street building.

As proceedings were being heard, Rogers was asked four times by a court usher to behave appropriately. He ignored the member of staff – whose job includes assisting in court organisation – and swore at her.

Rogers was back at the building today (FRI), when he was fined £240 after being held in contempt of court.

It also emerged he had previously been sentenced by a judge several years ago for swearing at a defendant from a court public gallery.

From the dock Rogers, of Carlisle’s Orchard Street, explained his latest brush of the law by saying medication for a crush injury was managing his pain but leading to inappropriate behaviour. “I’ve been speaking out of place,” he said. Rogers confessed to being “more than sorry” for his outburst.

Judge Peter Davies told him in future to “keep it quiet”, and stated: “You were abusive to a hard-working member of staff, extremely busy, who was doing the best she could to do her work properly. The thanks she gets is insults by you.

“I’m not going to tolerate that.”

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