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New kit for GNAAS critical care teams

The critical care teams of the Great North Air Ambulance Service have been issued with new uniforms.

After five years, the charity has replaced its orange two-piece suits with more contemporary red and black equivalents.

Critical care paramedic Jamie Walsh said: “We needed new, better quality uniforms to meet the demands of a fast-paced pre-hospital care work environment. With our base move just around the corner, the time felt right to move away from the orange of old to the new red and black suits. Everyone is really happy with them.”

Yesterday, a large group of team members gathered for a photo ahead of their regular meeting.

Doctor Kate Allen and Paramedic Ian Grey

Paramedic Ian Grey and doctor Kate Allen were then persuaded to model their uniforms:

The new uniforms were secured thanks to grant funding.

Mr Walsh added: “As with everything we do, we owe it to our supporters for providing the financial backing. With them behind us, the service is getting better all the time, and these uniforms are just another small but not insignificant improvement along the way. Thank you.”

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