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Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership seeks independent Chairperson

An Independent Chairperson is being sought to spearhead efforts to make Cumbria more flood resilient and protect local communities from the risk of flooding.

Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership are recruiting an impartial Chairperson who has a shared passion for reducing flood risk across Cumbria to lead on this vital work.

More than 6,000 homes and businesses across Cumbria were flooded in the devastating storms of 2015.

In 2017 the Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership was formed, bringing together representatives from authorities, organisations and community groups who have an interest or responsibility for flood risk management.

The organisations responsible for reducing flood risk across the county and the communities affected have been working hard together to reduce the risk of it happening again and people will soon see visible evidence of the £32m extra government investment in flood risk management that has been committed to the county following the flooding.

Angela Jones, Interim Chairperson for Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership said: “We’re calling this post an Independent Chair, and we really mean it. We need someone who can provide leadership for our partnership who is not tied to the operation of any organisation or community. Impartiality is crucial. The role provides a wonderful opportunity to make a big difference on a big issue for Cumbria.”

Stewart Mounsey, Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Manager for Cumbria, added: “This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with a passion for collaborative working to help lead this successful partnership.  So much investment and positive change is happening in Cumbria in the coming years to deal with flooding and climate change – you could be a part of that.”

All the information about the role and how to apply can be found on the Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership website here:

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