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Young entrepreneur speaks out about bullying

Oliver Hodgson with Holly Ellison from The Voice (Photo credit Carlos Reina Silvestre)

Not everyone is perfect, but everyone has a million reasons to do what they love and enjoy it without experiencing hate whilst doing so!

Oliver, also known as DJ Ollie Hodgson, a 15-year-old entrepreneur, DJ, host, promoter and editor, is reaching out to all young people to inspire and spread awareness regarding self-confidence and positive mental health.

In a video with Trudy Harrison MP, he explains about his past struggles with bullying and harassment and how it once affected his self-confidence. He discusses how he now uses these past experiences to allow him to grow as a person; helping to make him the person he is today.

Oliver’s aspiration and dream is to work in the media and music industry. During the past few years he has been able to create many contacts; ranging from the editors at Sky, to presenters on Radio 1 and BBC Cumbria. Last year, Oliver worked on: professional productions, celebrity pantomimes, and music festivals. He also got signed to a radio station in Kendal presenting the Saturday evening show and is set to attend some huge events this year. Additionally, Oliver works very closely with local people and local businesses; he enjoys working in the Lake District.

“I feel, it is often a privilege to live in a county such as Cumbria, as – as much as I love London, I don’t think I would be able to get the same experiences as up here.”

Oliver speaks a lot about his idol Greg James, who has Oliver’s dream job – The Breakfast Show on Radio One is his ultimate goal. When Oliver met Greg back in February 2018, he said, “Greg was such a nice guy, he was so humble and was happy to speak with everyone.”

Oliver is also inspired by Trudy Harrison MP, who recently took him to London as part of his work placement.

Trudy said: “It was a pleasure to be a part of Oliver’s project. He is a bright and intelligent young man who has got the determination to overcome anything he faces in life. His hard work and professionalism in everything he does will take him far and I wish him the very best of luck.”

Oliver says the trip was an eye opener for him and that experiencing working life in London was unreal, commenting: “The vibe, atmosphere and people was such an experience. I loved every minute! I am so grateful to Trudy for giving me this fantastic opportunity.”

Juggling his GCSEs, home life and managing his businesses is still a challenge for Oliver, but something
that he will always work hard at managing.

He endeavours to always stick by his saying: “Your age should never be a barrier, you’re never too young to get experience in the industry you love.”

Oliver recently hosted an event in Gosforth with The Voice’s Holly Ellison, which went down a storm, and gave him a real opportunity to showcase his talents. Holly Ellison blew the crowd away and is set to make a return this October for an event that Oliver is set to host. The event is to be held on Saturday 26th October with extra proceeds going to the MIND Charity, Oliver commented, “The line-up is huge, I honestly do not know how we have managed to pull it off. I am loving working alongside Peter Lockhart, I can’t announce much yet… just the date! Stay tuned.”

Oliver has worked with some industries most well-known and professional figures. He worked on the Wizard Of Oz Tour last year and Executive Producer Joe Purdy commented, “Oliver is a very polite, well-mannered and hardworking individual – he puts people to shame who have worked in the industry longer than he’s be born. He’s got fantastic drive and determination to succeed, and with that I know he’s going to get very far in life. He’s one of the most thorough and professional young lads I’ve come across and I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

Reality Stars Imogen Townley and Ellie Young, R1 DJ Greg James and professional athlete Mo Farah are just some of the well-known faces Oliver has worked alongside in his very short life… he says this is down to the amazing contacts, friends and companies that help him get to these places.

In thinking about who has helped him, Oliver couldn’t do what he does without the support from his amazing parents, Dale and Caroline, and his family and friends. In addition to them, he also acknowledges the support the pastoral team at West Lakes Academy have given him. This includes his tutor Megan Starkie, Vice Principal Sophie McCabe, and heads of year Holly Donaldson and Anita Clements, who help him with everything both internally and externally. Oliver is also very appreciative for his team who work with him on all of his events.

Oliver hopes to inspire many other young people out there who are struggling to find their path or confidence.

You can connect with Oliver to follow his project on his social media channels, Instagram: @oliverhodgsonn Twitter: @oliverhodgsonn

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