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Carlisle father and son jailed for roles in year-long drugs supply plot run from prison

Stuart Brian Hardy and Stuart Lee Hardy

A CARLISLE father and son have been jailed for a combined total of almost 15 years for their roles in the large scale drugs supply plot run from jail.

Serving prisoner Stuart Brian Hardy, 28, plotted to supply both the psychoactive substance spice inside HMP Northumberland, near Morpeth, and also massive quantities of illicit class B substance amphetamine on the outside.

The city’s crown court heard today (FRI) how Hardy – while serving a seven-year sentence for conspiring to supply heroin – played a key role as A4 paper soaked in spice was delivered into prison. There it was cut into strips and sold to prisoners, a criminal process said to cause “chaos”.

From behind bars, Hardy used illegally-held mobile phones concealed in his cell to orchestrate the supply of vast quantities of class B drug amphetamine into the community.

Meanwhile on the outside, his 48-year-old father, Stuart Lee Hardy – acting under direction” – and his partner, Avril Kay Fallows, 47 – “corrupted by others” – were “recruited” by Hardy junior and involved in a class A heroin supply plot spanning several months. More than a quarter of a kilo of heroin, and “bulking” chemicals, were found along with debtors’ lists, at Hardy senior’s Yewdale Road flat.

Police smashed the year-long conspiracy after analysing phone messages and financial transactions. Judge Peter Davies was told of the “severe” impact of heroin supply and use “across the board” within Cumbria; the scores of deaths caused; and the “hazardous effects” of amphetamine consumption.

Hardy junior, previously of Scalegate Road, admitted conspiracy to supply both spice and amphetamine; Hardy senior admitted conspiring to supply heroin; and Fallows, of Wedgwood Road, Flimby, was convicted of the heroin supply crime after a trial. They were jailed for 10 years, 56 months and four years, respectively.

Judge Davies told Hardy junior: “You played the leading role. You directed and organised the bulk purchase of drugs and adulterants on a commercial scale.”

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