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North Cumbrian midwives thanked for international day of the midwife

L-R top to bottom: Sarah Louise McLaughlin, Rachel Telford, Pam Skinner, Gemma Gordon, Rosie Groves, Rach Butler, Laura Jayne Miller, Kathryn Elliot, Karolina Swierczek, Chloe Amos, Charlotte Forbes, Baby James sent by Jen Prosser, Anna Dobinson, Amy Cherry, Agbese Idachaba Pjochogwu and Baby Avie sent by Rebecca Beeres

Midwives across north Cumbria have been inundated with thanks from families across north Cumbria as part of the celebrations for international day of the midwife on 5th May 2019.

Last week, they heard first hand from one of their midwives how things have changed over the last 30 years and have also helped Cumbrian mums say thank you to their midwives on social media channels. The ‘news and star’ Facebook post saw almost 500 likes and messages of thanks from hundreds of families.

Into the future, midwives are at the leading edge of developments in the profession and midwife Janine Lawson was a guest blogger for Public Health England’s Chief Nurse Viv Bennett. In it she writes about how she has discussed with students our local midwifery practice diminishes or supports a woman’s basic human rights.

This week we are also sharing information about a new maternity app that is available for all pregnant women in Cumbria. The app means all your notes and appointments and a host of advice is all held in one place. Its development was led by one of the Trusts digital midwives and we will share more information this week.

They also published a special Glimpse of Brilliance to celebrate the county’s midwives and were also sent a number of baby photos from the public which we have permission to share and have included a selection below:

For the Maternity team at Penrith Birthing Centre Debra Padgett said: ”Judith Armstrong is the most supportive amazing midwife to get you through the bleakest of times and still make you smile!!! Judith, Josh (our exomphalos baby) is 15 now and you would never know what he’d been through!!!! We could never thank you enough for everything you did for us and our gorgeous boy and beautiful girl!!! It would be lovely to catch up after all this time….I still work at CIC and I think I probably owe you a coffee!!! All our love!!! Debra, Andrew, Josh and Caitlin xxx”

Laura Harrington said: “A fantastic team. I’ll always remember Jen in the green tunic being there in the middle of the night with a cuppa and a some kind words when the going got tough. Thank you all.”

For the Maternity team at the Cumberland Infirmary Becky Dawson said: “An amazing team xx love you all. Well done Rachel you’re doing a fantastic job xx.”

For Fiona Palliser a midwife at the Cumberland Infirmary Laura Harrington said: “Fiona is such an amazing midwife. She stayed after her shift had ended to go to theatre with me and kept checking up on us in special care in the days after. I can’t thank her enough. Her care and kindness are something I will always remember and be grateful for.”

For the Maternity team at West Cumberland Hospital Harriet Smithson said: “These incredible people… Sue delivered my eldest son in 2011, @sandramcgarry and Tracey Davison helped me though the most difficult stillbirth of my baby girl in 2013, and then safely delivered my tiny premature Lucas in 2014 (when Tracey was phenomenal) and early Seth in 2015. As a family we’re indebted to the expertise, dedication and love of the West Cumberland Hospital team. Thanks, you’re the best x.”

And Rebecca Beeres said: “They’re all an absolute credit to the hospital. Me and my baby girl had fantastic care last week from every single staff member we met. I seen a huge improvement on Honister ward compared to when I had my son in 2016, it looks like a completely different ward now.”

We’d like to say another thank you to all our wonderful midwives who have helped deliver – often generations – of Cumbrian babies into the world.

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