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Whitehaven damage man congratulated by judge for positive progress since crime

Carlisle Crown Court

A MAN who went on a £15,000 wrecking spree in a rented flat has been congratulated by a judge for his positive progress in recent months.

Carlisle Crown Court heard late last year how Shane Martin Kelly caused “serious” and “significant” damage to private rented accommodation in July.

Kelly, 49, rang up police himself to report he’d “smashed up” the Coach Road flat in Whitehaven. A water pipe was damage, causing flooding, and the cost of repairs to damage – some of it structural – was estimated at around £15,000.

After reading background reports, and hearing of Kelly’s “positive and real progress” since committing the crime, Judge Peter Davies deferred sentence for six months. He had admitted a criminal damage charge.

Today (WED), Kelly, now of Falcon Place, Workington, was back at the crown court when the judge heard he’d done “very well”, and was accepting help which was on offer and required.

As a result, Judge Davies imposed a three-year community order comprising rehabilitation. “I’m not suggesting what you did wasn’t serious,” said Judge Davies. “It hurt his (the landlord’s) pocket, and it has hurt him, and it was wrong what you did.

“But you are trying your best not to do it again so you should be congratulated.”

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