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Carlisle man denies possessing cannabis with intent to supply

A Carlisle man has appeared before District Judge Gerald Chalk accused of possession of a quantity of the Class B drug cannabis with intent to supply to others.

He faces a further allegation of acquire/use/posses criminal property, namely £3,280 pounds in cash which was found at an address in Carlisle.

Leon Lavelle, 35, of Warwick Road, Carlisle appeared from custody at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court, both allegations are from Wednesday, May 8.

The judge was told police were on patrol in the Cecil Street area of Carlisle around midnight when they noticed Lavelle in a lane with another person, when he was searched an amount of cannabis was found on his person.

Lavelle denied both allegations, Judge Chalk sent the case to Carlisle Crown Court to be heard on June 12, Lavelle was remanded in custody until that date.

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