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Conservative MEP candidates for the North West region

The Conservative MEP candidates for the North West region are Sajjad Karim, Kevin Beaty, Jane Howard, Arnold Saunders, Wendy Maisey, Thomas Lord, Anthony Pickles and Attika Choudhary.

A Conservative spokesman said: “Because Parliament has not backed a Brexit deal yet, the law says we need to take part in elections to the European Parliament on 23rd May.

“Theresa May is working tirelessly to pass a deal so that anyone elected need never go to the European Parliament.

“At this critical moment for our country, parties should not be playing politics – or acting for their own personal gain.

“We need to come together, stay the course, and deliver Brexit in the national interest so we can get a deal done as soon as possible and focus on our future.

“A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for delivering a deal as soon as possible to do just that.

“And unlike other smaller parties, the Conservatives can actually deal Brexit by having MPs in Parliament, 90% of whom have backed a Brexit deal

“We are committed to seriously and responsibly delivering a deal, not just popping up every three years like Nigel Farage does for his own personal gain and also don’t have extreme views like some of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party candidates

“Voting for anyone other than the Conservatives could mean that Labour top the poll – giving Corbyn a boost and taking him one step closer to Downing Street. Or it could open up the way for parties that want a second referendum, risking more delay, division and uncertainty.

“The Conservative Party is the party that can actually deliver Brexit, and is working hard to get a deal over the line. So it’s important that people vote Conservative on 23rd May to show they want a Brexit deal delivered as soon as possible.”

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