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Greens Launch Euro Election bid in Penrith

Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, new Green Party Councillor for Penrith North, on Eden District Council and Gina Dowding, lead Green Party Candidate in the North West for the European Elections.

Stunning results in the local elections earlier this month have raised the  hopes of the Green Party of gaining their first Green MEP in the North West says Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party.

Amelia will join Gina Dowding, the North West Green Party’s lead candidate in the European elections, to speak at their launch event in Penrith on Monday 13th May at 3.15pm at the Haydock Community Centre, Penrith.

Amelia and Gina will join jubilant local Green Party members from Penrith and North Cumbria who are still celebrating the Green’s first 3 successes in the north of the county- newly elected Councillors Ali Ross and Doug Lawson to Penrith wards, and Councillor Helen Davison, elected to Behlah and Kingsmoor ward in Carlisle.

Amelia says; “I am delighted to be in Cumbria for the launch of this exciting campaign. The Green Party can win in the North West and secure an inspirational MEP to represent them. We are here to celebrate and build on the stunning success of Green teams across the region in the local elections.

“This has been achieved by effective candidates working hard for the people as their priority. Voters are turning to the Greens because they know we can be trusted to tell the truth and to deliver real change on things people care about.

“Last week’s UN report on the ecological emergency, only adds to the calls last year for urgent action to mitigate climate change. More and more people, share our values, like our policies and recognise that their children’s prospects depend on choices we all make right now, for the future.”

Gina Dowding, who has fifteen years experience as a councillor in Lancashire, and who worked professionally in the county a decade ago for the Churches Trust for Cumbria, has high hopes of securing a seat in the European Parliament on 23 May, says:

“We need a change from business-as-usual parties and policies. Our Green MP Caroline Lucas has made a real difference by standing up for her principles and leading on the calls for a People’s Vote”.

“Our current three Green MEPs already in the European Parliament make us the UK’s biggest pro-remain party in the European Parliament. And our Green MEPs have been a force for good in Europe, leading on initiatives such as the EU’s forth-coming ban on single-use plastic.”

Newly-elected councillor for Penrith ward, Ali Ross says; “There is a green wave spreading across the region and I am delighted to be part of it and to have been elected to represent our local community as a Green Party Councillor. People are turning to the Green party because they trust the Greens to act on environmental and social issues. With the European elections run under proportional representation, the North West has a real prospect of achieving a strong voice for action on climate in Europe. In this region the Greens beat the Lib Dems last time.”

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