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Rusland Horizons celebrate with a Hidden Heritage Walk and Archaeological Talk

Rusland Horizons Hidden Heritage Walk

To celebrate a successful three years of community-led heritage and conservation projects, Rusland Horizons are planning a free guided walk around the Haverthwaite Heights Greenwood Trail and a talk to share their archaeological discoveries.

The Rusland Valley is renowned for its cultural landscape, archaeological sites and historic features. Learn about the area’s hidden heritage and woodland history while exploring and discovering the Rusland Valley through these free events.

Rusland Horizons Archaeological Findings Talk

Join experts from Liverpool University and Northern Archaeological Associates for an Archaeological Findings Talk. Learn about the hidden history of the Rusland Valley and its woodlands. Discoveries will be shared from the Satterthwaite Bloomery and woodland surveys, with findings dating back to the 13th century. The evening takes place at Outback Hall, Backbarrow, on Tuesday 21st May from 6.30pm.

The Hidden Heritage Guided Walk takes place on Thursday 6th June, leaving at 10.30am from Haverthwaite, with a stop along the way for cakes and refreshments at Abbots Reading Farm. Guided by a Lake District National Park Area Ranger, Lead Archaeology Advisor and a historical mapping expert. Sharing experiences from the Rusland Horizons projects, an in-depth knowledge of the area’s history and how people might once have lived in the valley.

Over the last three years, Rusland Horizons have worked with volunteers and archaeologists on over 500 sites to research, excavate and map the history of the Rusland landscape. Historical features along the Haverthwaite Heights Greenwood Trail include numerous woodland charcoal pitsteads and a Bark Peeler’s Hut. There is also endless wildlife to look out for including roe deer, woodland and field birds and red squirrels. The Hidden Heritage Walk and Archaeological Findings Talk, are part of a number of free, celebratory events that will showcase the Rusland Horizons Scheme, exploring woodlands, wildlife, heritage and history.

Further details and booking information for the Hidden Heritage Guided Walk, Archaeological Findings Talk and other Rusland Horizons celebratory events, can be found on the website, in addition to Greenwood Trails downloadable route leaflets

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