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Work starts on crematorium investment programme

L-R: Mike Starkie (Mayor of Copeland), Sue Pringle (Copeland Council’s Bereavement Services Development Manager) and James Hunter (Copeland Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Manager) with the renovation plans

WORK has started on a significant investment programme at Distington Hall Crematorium.

Preparatory work is now under way at the Copeland Council-owned facility that will allow for the installation of a new, second cremator.

The council has committed substantial funding to purchase and install the cremator that will improve efficiency. Additionally, for the first time, the crematorium will benefit from the installation of specialist equipment in order to improve environmental performance.

The installation will take four months to complete and the crematorium’s management will ensure that disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “This is a significant milestone in our major investment programme in the facilities at Distington Hall Crematorium.

“The installation of a second cremator is much-needed, and our project team contains real expertise in this field to deliver this complex installation.

“Our project team has worked closely with stakeholders and users of the crematorium to ensure that the changes meet their needs. We’ve taken their feedback on board and are grateful for their input.”

The installation of the cremator is the first phase in a major improvement programme at the crematorium. A planning application will be lodged later this month for further public-facing improvements.

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