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Absoluxe – “A Shift from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary”

Collaboration of businesses is at the core of a new venture that has opened in the heart of Kirkby Lonsdale.

Two local businesses based in Kirkby Lonsdale have been working successfully together for a decade, introducing clients’ to one another’s offerings – Aquajade Bathrooms and Majik House.

Majik House has been established since 1998 and is known locally and across the northwest and the Isle of Man for the smart technology they weave into residential properties making them more desirable, safer and delivering great home entertainment.

Aquajade bathrooms design and deliver the room in the house where we look for calm and sanctuary – the bathroom!They have been established since 2007 and operate from the same business park as Majik House – Kirkby Lonsdale Business Park.

The owners of these 2 businesses worked on the premise that they could deliver something very unique if they joined their expertise into a new business.

The entrepreneurs chose a weekend in Lyon to explore the possibilities and create the outline of a new venture.

Kirkby Lonsdale, nestling between 2 scenic and beautiful counties The Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales is where they have chosen to build this new venture.

Absoluxe (a created word derived from Absolute and Luxury) is a set of 4 luxury suites that have been based on the concept of the Four Corners of the World. Each suite is intensely individual in their theme and ambience.

Interior Designer and Artist in Residence Sally Proctor described her inspiration behind the suites. “I had very clear images in my head of what I wanted to achieve with the suites, my end goal was for Absoluxe itself to become the destination. The fact that it is in Kirkby Lonsdale was a bonus!”

Director Carol Burrow spoke of the importance of giving the guests the best experience possible. “Nothing less than a fantastic experience would disappoint me. We have a personal desire to deliver the best we possibly can.”

Absoluxe isn’t ‘long stay’ accommodation. However, with four completely unique rooms the hope is guests will come back time after time. Carol added: “Hopefully guests will have the chance to choose their favourite suite, they will enjoy it so much they keep coming back for more!”

Will you choose The Columbus suite with its handmade bed and warm mood lighting highlighting the tobacco, chocolate and rust colours adorning the walls?

Or could it be the Parisian Suite with a large copper bath to lounge in whilst you indulge in a little TV viewing and inhale the beautiful smells of The Bath House products they use in all their suites?

As for The Orient and The Oasis Suites I leave you the reader to imagine what they might contain – breathtaking.

The interior design and artwork in each suite is inspiring and has been developed in house by Sally Proctor at Majik House. There is something very special about waking up to original art work that no one else will be seeing.

The collaboration has certainly shown what is possible when 2 businesses focused on design and detailed delivery join their skill sets and build a completely new business.

It is, of course, also incredibly clever marketing as you can experience their workmanship before you invest in their services and I understand if you undertake a project with either company a one night stay is complimentary!

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