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Barrow lifeboat responds to night time distress call

Vision of Tamworth (Barrow RNLI)

The volunteer crew from Barrow’s Lifeboat Station launched their inshore lifeboat early this morning in response to a distress call received from a vessel in Walney Channel.

The request to launch came from HM Coastguard in Holyhead just after midnight.

A Barrow RNLI spokesman said: “The information received was that a yacht moored in Walney Channel, close to Piel Island, was in difficulty and the lone yachtsman on board was becoming concerned for his safety.

“The crew was paged and the inshore lifeboat, ‘Vision of Tamworth’, was launched at 12:30am with Andy Baxter at the helm. The all-weather lifeboat, ‘Grace Dixon’ was also made ready and put on standby in case further assistance was required.

“The lifeboat was quickly on the scene and established that the effect of the strong spring tide was causing the yacht to drag its anchor. With assistance from the lifeboat, the yacht was placed on a secure mooring in the Channel where it could remain safely.”

The lifeboat returned to the boathouse at 1:30am where it was cleaned and made ready for the next launch.

The wind at the time of the incident was westerly, Force 3-4, and the high tide was at 1:32am with a predicted height of 9.2 metres.

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