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Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team called to rescue two injured women

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team was called out at approximately 1:30pm today, Tuesday 21st May.

The team was requested to help to a 68-year-old female with a broken wrist near Burtness Wood on Buttermere Lakeshore.

The Team drove to Buttermere and made their way to the casualty on foot.

Her injuries were treated on scene and she was escorted back to vehicles where a team doctor drove her to the West Cumberland Hospital.

At around 2:30pm, whilst the first incident was still underway, the team received a second callout to a 71-year-old female on the summit of Haystacks, who had twisted her ankle and was unable to walk.

One of the team vehicles was diverted up the Honister mine track, to access the summit of Haystacks from Dubs Hut.

Simultaneously a runner was sent up Scarth Gap from the first casualty.

The second casualty was treated by the first team members on scene, and once the first casualty was safely en route to Whitehaven, the rest of the team came to assist with the long, rough carry out down Scarth Gap.

Fortunately, a S92 Coastguard Helicopter from Caenarfon was training in the area and came to the teams aid, winching the casualty on board before taking her to Carlisle Infirmary for treatment.

Twenty three team members attended the callouts, which were the 21st and 22nd this year, lasting two and four hours respectively.

Team Leader Andrew McNeil said: “It’s a while since we’ve had two jobs at the same time! It was a great bit of luck that the Coastguard were in the vicinity and as always, they worked seamlessly with the team to evacuate the casualty safely and quickly. The Team wishes both casualties a speedy recovery.”

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