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TV artist brings new exhibition to Fultons Lakes Jewellery Works

Zoe Fulton (left) with Celia Burbush

Fresh from a recent TV appearance on BBC1’s Home is Where the Art Is, former Cumbrian Artist of the Year Celia Burbush is unveiling a special exhibition at Fultons Lakes Jewellery Works.

Celia recently won an episode of the daytime TV series, presented by Nick Knowles, which challenges participants to come up with an idea for an artwork based on a mystery tour of a person’s house.

Now, she is bringing her most striking work yet to Fultons Lakes Jewellery Works in Keswick. The seven huge abstract works – entitled ‘Elementals’ – will be displayed in a special gallery space at the cultural attraction, which is free for visitors to see.

Owner of Fultons Lakes Jewellery Works, Zoe Fulton, “Celia’s new exhibition is an inspiring collection of artwork and we feel very privileged to welcome her latest pieces to our gallery space for people to admire for the first time. Our ethos is all about design and creativity, and this striking and intriguing work beautifully complements the delicate jewellery-making processes which take place here on site.”

Celia has been studying the techniques and thinking of early abstract painters including Russian artist Kandinsky, as well as Germans Anselm Kiefer and Kurt Schwitters. Known as the forefather of installation art, Schwitters himself spent the later years of his life in Cumbria and has particularly strong associations with the Langdale valley.

Celia says, “I consider the entire Lake District to be my studio and I love to explore the fells, using the technique of painting ‘en plein air’. The Elementals collection is abstract, in the sense that there is no obvious subject matter. Instead, the viewer is confronted by a swirling haze of textures and colours reminiscent of what could be anything from air, to earth, or maybe fire or water? Or all four.”

Celia Burbush’s work will hang side-by-side with a second local artist, Patrick Kramer, who will also be unveiling his new work at Fultons Lakes Jewellery Works in June.

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