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Wainwright Mountaineering Challenge with a Spin

Susan Denham-Smith

Many people take on the challenge of climbing all of the Wainwright Peaks in the Lake District as a feat of difficult endurance, but Susan Denham-Smith of Ennerdale is adding a new “Twist” or “Spin”, if you like, to the challenge. She aims to spin Herdwick Wool on the summit of all 214 peaks using a traditional wooden spinning wheel.

The unusual challenge will be officially launched on top of Lattrig, 369m above Keswick on Sunday, 2 June 2019, between 10am and 3pm, Susan then plans to take her specially designed Louet Victoria Spinning wheel to the summit of the remaining 200+ peaks within 2 years (sooner if the weather allows).

On the way she will be raising money to help the Lake District Calvert Trust, who provide outdoor activities in a safe and accessible, yet challenging environment for people with disabilities.

The Herdwick wool that is spun will be used to make 2 rugs, one will be auctioned off in aid of the Lake District Calvert Trust and the second can be won by following the “wildwoolworkshopennerdale” Instragram page or by photographing Susan spinning on a summit and sharing it on Instagram using the #spinherdwick. To find out where and when she will be spinning please register for the newsletter at the email [email protected] with the heading Spin a Round Newsletter.

Susan has always loved endurance challenges having won an English medal for 24hr running in the early 2000’s and having already completed a round of the Wainwrights.

When asked why she wanted to take on this unusual challenge supporting the Lake District Calvert Trust she said: “I love spinning (wool), and I love mountaineering so it is the perfect combination and suitably challenging for me to raise money for The Lake District Calvert Trust, which supports those who do not have the freedom to take part in the open air adventures that I can so easily take for granted”.

Susan hopes to raise money for the Lake District Calvert Trust in 2 ways. You can sponsor Susan on (search for Spin-A-Round), or you can bid for the a rug made from the Herdwick yarn spun on the mountain tops at auction at the end of the challenge.

The challenge will take approximately 2 years and you will be able to see how Susan is progressing by following the blog at

So if you want to see something unusual join us on Lattrig on Sunday 2 June between 10am and 3pm.

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