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Ulverston Explorer Scouts and Rotary Club help improve community garden

Go ahead Explorer Scouts from Ulverston have teamed up with their local Rotary Club to round off the last major phase of en environmental improvement scheme for the town.

Xenolith Explorer Scouts along with Ulverston Rotary club have just completed the final major project at the Factory Shop Community Garden in Ulverston.

In 2014 the Xenolith Explorer Scout Unit was asked to transform, the waste ground behind the Factory Shop at The Gill in Ulverston, into a community garden. Initially the ground was cleared, the area by the steps was terraced, gates and railings were put up at the far end to keep dogs from the planned fruit garden and the rest was planted up.

Since then over the last 4 years various projects have been done on the garden like trying to find things that grow in that environment, getting the trees cut down that shaded the garden, adding extra terracing at the car park end, getting the steps improved from the Stockbridge Lane car park and each year planting up the beds.

All this has been done with help from Ulverston in Bloom, The Rotary Club of Ulverston with support from Ulverston Town Council and South Lakeland District Council.

Bryan Caine Explorer Scout leader said: “We must not forget the advice, support and help we got from Painter Paul of Priory Decorators, this was invaluable”

Three of the Explorer leaders Madigan Long, Rowan Barton and Michael Frost doing the painting were part of the original team of Explorer Scouts, who built the garden in 2014, as part of their Queen Scouts Award community service.

Madigan Long said: “It’s has been great to be involved with this project so I was glad to be involved in the last major task.”

Rowan Barton said: “This has been a great project and lots of explorers have done community service in this garden.”

Michael Frost said: “We will continue to help at the garden as we believe the unit needs to stay involved since we were the ones that built the garden.”

Explorer Scout Leader Bryan Caine said: “Part of our original plan was to paint the long factory shop wall and we are pleased that we have now completed this final major task. This will not be the end of our involvement as we plan to do our usual May planting session of bedding plants and vegetables and a cleanup in the autumn.”

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