Cumbria Crack

What has happened here?

A West Cumbria woman has been left baffled after finding a car and caravan ‘dumped’ at the side of a road in Broughton Moor.

Local resident Penny Little spotted the vehicles parked in a lane just before you get on the main road to go to Cockermouth two days ago.

When she returned yesterday evening, the car and caravan were on the side of the road in a precarious position and the lane blocked off.

Penny said: “I saw them parked up in the lane the day before yesterday and last night this was the scene.

“The lane is now blocked off, but it seems odd anyone would park like this!

“My first thoughts were travellers and a possible irate farmer, but that’s just my thoughts.

“Whoever removed them from the lane has no right to dump them like that – what about nesting birds? Besides surely it’s illegal to do that.

“If a farmer has done it then surely the vehicles would have been towed out and dumped, that’s why my first thought was an irate farmer!

“I just think whatever the circumstances of the vehicles ending up like that it’s crazy.”

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