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Lakeland Leather Support Great North Air Ambulance

Lakeland Leather Support Great North Air Ambulance

Lakeland Leather has launched a new campaign supporting the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) to encourage the recycling of unwanted jackets to raise money for the charity.

The Cumbrian-based fashion retailer is running an in-store campaign where you can bring in any old jacket to one of their 15 stores, including Carlisle, in exchange for 20% off a new one.

The GNAAS rescues thousands of people in distress year after year, bringing expert pre-hospital care to an emergency scene. They are not NHS funded and rely on public donations and generosity to operate. The cost of the service in 2018 was £5.1 million.

Martin Foster, managing director of Lakeland Leather, said: “I read a recent news story of the Great North Air Ambulance saving a local schoolboy after he was submerged in a river; they help to save lives and perform these heroic acts daily. I thought it was time to aid the charity and help our community as we have the platform and customers to do so.”

From Wednesday 5th June you can take any unwanted jacket to a Lakeland Leather store and get 20% off a new jacket purchase.

Martin said “I am hoping the incentive of 20% off will encourage people to trade in their unwanted jackets and by doing so raise money for the charity while helping the environment at the same time.

“A leather jacket is an ethical fashion choice when compared to modern day man-made fibre jackets and polyester. Leather lasts a lifetime, has great heritage value and is biodegradable.

“In essence we are already in the recycling business as leather is a by-product of the food industry so it made sense to partner with a charity where we can encourage further recycling of clothing to help minimise the impact the fashion industry has on the environment.”

The GNAAS will either send the unwanted jackets to clothe some of the poorest countries across the globe or sell them on to generate money to fund new equipment and life-saving techniques.

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