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Are there Trolls around Morecambe Bay?

An image of Scandinavian trolls by John Bauer, 1915

Morecambe Bay Partnership is hosting a special event celebrating midsummer that brings a Scandinavian twist to the Bay’s identity. Cumbria-based Swedish storyteller, Emily Hennessey, will be premiering a brand new performance called ‘Trolls’ at Castle Head Field Centre, Grange-over-Sands, on Saturday 22nd June, 7pm.

As the sun goes down on a hill in the woods with glimpses of Morecambe Bay in the distance, Emily will be inviting listeners old and young to gather around the campfire on this long, light evening and step into a mysterious, curious world.

Emily Hennessey storytelling around Morecambe Bay, 2018

Emily is fascinated with the connections between Scandinavian folklore and landscape, and the Morecambe Bay area. At the heart of the story are Trolls – be they lurking in the shadows of the fells, snoozing beneath the moss or sniffing around the sands. They might steal your treasure or your sandwiches, but they might also share their wisdom.

Michelle Cooper, Communities Officer, says; “Morecambe Bay Partnership has run a number of projects featuring oral history, tradition and folklore in the Bay area in recent years and this new performance brings a whole new dimension to the myths and legends of our landscape. Emily is a hugely popular and well-known storyteller in Cumbria and beyond. We know she will spark people’s imaginations, stir you with her performance, and get you thinking about our area’s Scandinavian roots that are still present in our place names, historic monuments and dialect words.”

Tickets are available now at

Pre-booking required.  Troll fearing parents should be accompanied by brave children.

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