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Carlisle local focus team and partners address concerns over Uber Eats parking

The Carlisle Local Focus Team met to discuss a number of issues raised by residents, County Parking Enforcement and City Enforcement teams in relation to Uber Eats delivery services in Carlisle.

Since that time over 100 parking tickets have been issued to Uber Eats delivery drivers. Drivers have been warned on numerous occasions and have continue to have a disregard of local parking legislation. This has caused problems for legitimate delivery drivers who have difficulty using loading bays when occupied by illegally parked vehicles.

Enforcement over the weekend of the 24th and 25th May saw 14 penalty tickets issued in conjunction with enforcement officers from the council, seven of those are believed to be those involved in food delivery service.

Carlisle Police have dealt with two incidents involving Uber Eats delivery drivers being in dispute with staff within a restaurant. One of these incidents resulted in a driver been arrested for a public order offence. Carlisle Police have also seized a vehicles for failing to have business insurance.

Sergeant Chris Blain said: “This enforcement follows from a number of complaints from residents who live in affected areas who have complained to the City Council about the noise the drivers make whilst waiting for deliveries especially in the evenings.

“We will continue to work together as a partnership to rectify this issue and which have been raised with relevant businesses who are now aware and have passed on their concerns to management.”

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