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Appleby Horse Fair: River Eden access ramp reopening

The Appleby Horse Fair access ramp to the River Eden will reopen shortly.

The ramp was closed yesterday morning (8 June) and has remained closed this morning (9 June).

However, following a meeting of the MASCG early this afternoon, the decision has been taken to reopen the access.

The factors involved in deciding if the ramp river access is open are:

  • The height (depth) of the water
  • The speed the water is travelling
  • How unclear the water is
  • The temperature of the water, and
  • The condition of the river bed

Chair of the MASCG, Matthew Neal, Director of Corporate Services at Eden District Council, said: “Following our latest multi-agency meeting this afternoon we have found the factors which led to the decision to close the ramp have improved sufficiently to allow for it to be reopened.

“The ramp provides people who wish to enter the river to wash their horses with a safer method of doing so.

“However, all members of the MASCG would stress that there is always a risk to safety when someone chooses to enter the river and anyone making the choice to go into the river does so at their own risk.

“People should also be mindful of the potential for unseen debris below the surface of the water and so are advised to take extra care.

“Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and respecting the advice to stay out of the river.”

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