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Barrow man jailed for violent assault on baby

Callum Crowe

A Barrow man has been jailed for 14 years for an assault that left a baby with life-changing injuries.

Callum Crowe was sentenced today (June 10) at Preston Crown Court for Section 18 GBH and child neglect.

Crowe, 23, of Richmond Terrace, was found guilty at an earlier trail for offences connected to an assault that occurred in Barrow in late 2016.

The victim of the assault, aged under 12-months suffered multiple fractures to the skull along with extensive bleeding on the brain and facial bruising.

Detective Inspector Jason McKenna said: “This was an incredibly emotive case for all concerned. I would like to thank the jury for the way they listened to the facts put before them and deliberated carefully in coming to their verdicts.

“The victim is left with life-changing injuries from this incident. Offences of this nature to a child so young are heart-breaking.

“I would like to thank all the witnesses who have helped police and also the officers involved in this case who completed a professional and diligent investigation, resulting in a justified conviction.

“We are pleased we have been able to provide justice.”

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