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Help shape the future of Kendal Fell

Kendal Fell and Golf Course

Users of Kendal Fell are being encouraged to give their views on proposed plans that will help shape the future management of the fell.

Kendal Fell is a registered Town Green which is owned by South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) and in part leased by Kendal Golf Club. It is maintained for the environmental and amenity benefits it provides to the public, including its use as a golf course.

A seven-week consultation has been launched today (Tuesday) to understand how people feel about the use of the fell. The feedback from the consultation will be used to finalise management and action plans and a code of conduct for fell users.

The plans are designed to address concerns that have been raised in recent years about changes in the fell’s habitats and features.

In many areas what was grassland has become woodland or been invaded by coarse grasses and bramble, swamping out many of the wild flowers which were present and making conditions unsuitable for some of the rarer butterflies.

This has led to renewed concern about the loss of important wildlife habitats and changes in the character of the fell and the need for a new management plan to protect the landscape.

As the landowner of most of Kendal Fell, SLDC has worked with other members of the Kendal Fell Advisory Group (KFAG) to develop draft proposals for how the fell could be protected and used in the future.

KFAG member organisations – Kendal Golf Club, Fellside Forum, Kendal Civic Society, Cumbria Butterfly Conservation, Open Spaces Society, Friends of the Lake District, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and SLDC – now want to hear the public’s views on the draft documents.

SLDC deputy leader Councillor Jonathan Brook, said: “We are determined to preserve and protect the biodiversity of this wonderful area and to manage it in the interests of all users.

“We’d now like to know whether the documents and proposals that KFAG have produced address people’s concerns and questions. We hope all users of the fell will help to shape the future management of the area by taking the time to respond to the consultation.’’

The draft documents being consulted on are the Kendal Fell Management Plan, Kendal Fell Action Plan, Kendal Fell Code of Conduct and Kendal Fell information signs.

Kendal Fell Management Plan

The Management Plan aims to:

  • Maintain access to Kendal Fell and showing respect to all users.
  • Provide a high quality golf course for locals and visitors.
  • Maintain and promote the nature conservation interest of the fell, particularly its species-rich grasslands
  • Maintain the landscape character of the fell
  • In 1897 part of Kendal Fell was let to the Cunswick Golf Club which renamed itself the Serpentine Golf Club. In 1907 the Racecourse Golf Club merged with the Serpentine and the combined club was renamed the Kendal Golf Club.

The plan provides the background history of the fell and confirms ownership of the various parts. It notes features and of ecological and cultural interest and provides a summary of the past and current management. It provides a priority list for future management and a species list for birds, butterflies and plants.

Kendal Fell Action Plan

The Action Plan forms part of the 2018 Kendal Fell and Golf Course Management Plan. It provides details of the management actions to occur within a five year timeframe starting in 2019.

Code of Conduct

This sets out a clear set of rules that users of Kendal Fell should adhere to which will hopefully ensure that all users can enjoy the fell and respect other users.

Everyone will use the fell for different reasons and the code sets out how we must respect everyone who uses the fell and the need to look after our surroundings and the rare flora and fauna found on Kendal Fell.

Proposed Signage

The proposed signage is to be sited at various entrance points around the fell.

The consultation asks for views on the design and content of this signage. It is proposed that the signage will include some details about the history of the fell, code of conduct, various interest points as well as maps to help signpost users to the various interest points using the safest path.

Anyone wanting to complete the consultation can do so online at:

The web page also contains more information about the proposals and links to the draft documents.

Hard copies of all the documents and consultation form are also available at SLDC’s main offices at South Lakeland House, Kendal Golf Club and Kendal Library.

Deadline for consultation responses is 31 July 2019.

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