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MP holds rail summit to push for better services on the Lakes and Furness lines

Tim Farron MP alongside representatives from Network Rail, Northern, Virgin and Cumbria Rail Community Partnership

Local MP Tim Farron and the Cumbria Community Rail Partnership met with representatives from Network Rail, Virgin Trains and Northern this week to make the case for much needed improvements to the two lines in South Cumbria.

Tim raised the burning need to increase capacity on the Lakes Line by introducing a passing loop and to electrify both the Lakes and Furness lines to allow for more direct trains to Manchester Airport.

Representatives from Network Rail agreed to present Tim’s case to the Department for Transport, but stressed that local pressure was key to getting them over the line.

Tim also raised the need for station improvements on both lines as well as much better accessibility at Staveley station.

Tim said: “We had a really positive meeting about how we improve services for passengers on the Lakes and Furness lines.

“Increasing the capacity of the Lakes line is so important given the Lake District’s place as a World Heritage Site and being the second biggest tourist destination in Britain.

“That’s why it’s an absolute outrage that out of the millions of people that visit our beautiful part of the world, only a few hundred a day can get there by train.

“If we’re serious about tackling the climate emergency, taking the traffic off our roads and boosting the Lake District economy then it’s crucial that we electrify the lines and increase capacity.”

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