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Speeders and distracted drivers caught in Carlisle road safety crackdown

A road traffic operation was carried out in Scotland Road in Carlisle on Friday (14 June) with a number of offences observed.

The operation involved police – some in uniform and some in plain clothes – working with a safety camera van.

Over the course of the day 15 tickets were given for use of mobile phones whilst driving and red light offences.

A total of eight cars were stopped and given words of advice regarding minor offences such as issues with their lights and the safety camera van recorded 20 vehicles exceeding the speed limit. The drivers of these speeding vehicles will be ticketed.

Collision Reduction Officer for North PC Norman Black said: “The operation was carried out in an area identified as a problem for drivers exceeding the speed limit.

“These operations are carried out to make our roads safer for everyone.

“We will continue to listen to the concerns of the public and there will be further operations put in place.”

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