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Furness MP hosts meeting to discuss A590 traffic woes

John Woodcock MP

THE ongoing problem of traffic tailbacks along the A590 will be top of the agenda at a public meeting chaired by Furness independent MP John Woodcock in Ulverston on Friday.

Congestion on the road has gradually become more acute in recent years and over the past 12 months motorists have been forced to endure sustained bumper-to-bumper logjams.

Now Mr Woodcock has made the issue a priority for his Cumbria Better Connected campaign group meeting which takes place in the Coronation Hall supper room from 10am.

He said: “The number of delays and the length of tailbacks have been particularly bad around Ulverston, but motorists have often been forced to wait at traffic signals on other parts of the route.

“While vehicle collisions have accounted for some of the delays the main reason has been roadworks carried out by contractors on behalf of utility companies. Sometimes hours go by without a single worker on the road and many despairing motorists have contacted me about this problem.

“It is important that the situation improves for commerce, for our emergency services and for Furness families who are regular users of the road.”

Mr Woodcock launched the transport campaign group in 2012 when direct trains from Barrow to Manchester came under threat from revised timetables.

Along the way many other transport issues have been addressed and some progress has been made on the Furness railways infrastructure.

But the acute and chronic tailbacks on the A590 means the campaign group is broadening its focus and Mr Woodcock has invited representatives from Highways England and Cumbria County Council to give the meeting the benefit of their expertise.

Members of Ulverston Town Council have received invitations.

The assembly will also discuss improvements to cycle ways since the Bay Cycle Way and electric bike network are now established in the area.

Ulverston is to host a retro cycling festival when bikes and rides of all vintages will be on show in the town from July 12-14.

Members of the public are invited to attend the supper room meeting which is scheduled to last two hours.

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