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ATM plot crook handed another jail term for handling stolen goods

Scott Walpole

A CROOK jailed for involvement in a daring ATM ram raid plot has received another prison term for handling stolen goods worth almost £10,000.

Scott David Martin Walpole was one of eight men locked up in April following a “sophisticated” bid to target cash machines in north and West Cumbria.

After admitting conspiracy to steal, Walpole received a prison sentence of 51 months from a judge at Carlisle Crown Court. Members of the criminal gang were given jail terms totalling almost 40 years.

But 29-year-old serving prisoner Walpole, latterly of East Crescent, Aspatria, was back at the court today (THURS) over a video link.

He admitted six charges of handling stolen goods dating back to early to mid-2017.

Walpole was arrested after being linked to pinched items which included quad bikes, tools and other equipment valued at around £9,700. These were found at an address in north Cumbria in July, 2017.

For this offending, Walpole was given an eight-month jail term, Judge James Adkin ruling that it should be served concurrently to his existing lengthy term.

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