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Carlisle driver banned for the 24th time

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A Carlisle man with 23-previous convictions for driving whilst disqualified, was arrested again for driving while disqualified.

Nicky Lee Griffiths, 37, appeared from custody at Carlisle Magistrates Court, Prosecutor Peter Kelly told the court how police officers became aware that Griffiths was seen driving a Honda Jazz car on Close Street in Carlisle, just after 1pm on Sunday July 30, the car was stopped and he was arrested.

Magistrates were told he was already disqualified for 18-months from a recent court case for driving whilst disqualified as recently as June 18.

Griffiths shouted from the secure-dock he “didn’t think he was disqualified at that hearing” but was told he is in court and was told then that he was banned.

Chris Toms defending Griffiths said his client pleaded guilty to the offence straight away; his record is aggravated by his previous offending and he believed there was 23-previous disqualifications for kindred offences all driving.

Griffiths of Stonegarth, Morton, admits he took illegal drugs earlier in his life and they [drugs] have taken on toll on his health, he has got significant health problems and suffers from leg ulcers, these are all “hang over’s from his previous life-style” said Mr Toms. He went on to say Griffiths previously was given a curfew, and an electronic tag, this had to be put on his wrist, the tag is still on his wrist, this is because of his leg problems.

Magistrates told Griffiths this offence was aggravated by his previous offending, he was given a Community Order with a home curfew requirement for twenty-weeks between 8pm and 8am, this will commence on August 26 to January 13, 2020, his original curfew for the previous offence is in force until 26 August and the new one kicks in then.

He was also disqualified from driving for 19-months and has to pay court costs of £190.

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