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Copeland resident swims the width of the English Channel for charity

Pamela Telford

COPELAND resident Pamela Telford swims the width of the English Channel in aid of Diabetes UK.

Pamela Telford, Visitor Services Manager at The Beacon Museum has swum more than 22 nautical miles during the past two months. This is the width of the English Channel from Folkestone to Calais.

Ms Telford, from Moresby took part in the SWIM22 challenge which saw her swim 1,416 lengths of Copeland Swimming Pool. As a result of her efforts, Ms Telford has raised more than £200 for Diabetes UK.

Pamela Telford said: “I was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 2010, which came as a shock and I had to radically change my lifestyle and eating habits. Since my diagnosis I have lost more than five stones in weight.

“I now have it under control and am classed as being in type two remission. I enjoy a healthy diet and have taken up swimming as a new hobby.

“I’d like to thank all those who contributed to the swim fundraiser, and I’m currently swimming my way back across the channel again, but only for my own newfound enjoyment this time.”

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