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Operation conducted in Cumwhinton and Houghton following speeding concerns

PCSO with Laser Speed Detection Device

Officers in Carlisle have ran a week of action to target speeding vehicles driving through Cumwhinton and Houghton which concluded Friday 5th July following concerns raised by local Community Speed Watch Teams and residents.

The operation which ended Friday 5th July ran from the 1st of July and has seen PCSOs, Special Constables, a Collision Reduction Officer for North Cumbria, NPT Problem Solvers, Safety Camera Vans and Community Speed Watch out morning and night to tackle the issue.

Also used were Laser Speed Detection Devices enforcing the local speed limits.

52 tickets were issued for exceeding the speed limit with the highest recorded being in Cumwhinton at 46 mph.

13 vehicles were also stopped and the drivers were given words of advice regarding the limits.

PC Norman Black a collision reduction officer said: “Driving in this manner puts drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and the motorists themselves, along with any passengers, at risk.

“This operation will be repeated in future, utilising both covert and high visibility officers in uniform.

“We would urge all road users to follow the law and rules of the road – and think of their safety and other people’s safety at all times.”

The PCC visited the deployed staff on Wednesday in Houghton and fully supports the operation.

Peter McCall, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This targeting of speeders is a great example of our ‘We asked, you said we did’ approach. Whenever we conduct a public consultation, speeding is one of the biggest concerns that Cumbrian residents raise with me and therefore it is one of my key priorities to reduce every form of anti-social driving across the County.

“Dangerous driving not only puts the offender at risk but also other road users at risk and causes accidents that are easily avoided simply by being a conscientious driver.

“I attended a roadside check on Wednesday 3 July, just one of many roads operations being conducted in recent weeks, where I witnessed officers conducting random licence and insurance checks.

“I was delighted to see the high level of professionalism of our officers and the positive public response. I’m very grateful to all the residents who highlight the dangerous driving in their area, many get involved in schemes such as Speedwatch which does help raise awareness.  The police will continue to take all road offences seriously to protect and keep all road users safe.”

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