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Teenagers environment charity, Another Way awarded Tree Council grant

Amy Bray

16-year-old Amy Bray’s environment charity Another Way has been awarded a Tree Futures Grant from The Tree Council to plant over 1700 trees in Matterdale valley, Cumbria, during National Tree Week in November this year.

In collaboration with Ullswater Catchment Management CIC, a community interest company combining farming, natural flood management and conservation, and as part of the charity’s Another Waynwright Day event on August 31st, Another Way is arranging for children to plant a tree for every event participant. Up to 1700 trees will be planted in Matterdale during National Tree Week (23rd November – 1st December) as part of supporting nature and relieving flood and drought problems. A selection of the 20 schools and scout groups that Amy has given educational sessions and talks to in the last year will be invited to plant these trees and to learn more from specialists about the benefits they will bring.

Amy Bray, founder, Another Way, commented: “My focus for Another Way is to ensure we keep sharing the importance of fixing our future by fixing the planet. This project is just one example of the work we are doing to spread the word. This grant from The Tree Council allows us to embed deep knowledge for long lasting impact.”

The Tree Council’s Tree Futures Grant Scheme offers help for tree planting for any school or community group within the United Kingdom to deliver a project which actively involves children under the age of 16 in planting trees, hedgerows and orchards. Tree planting events take place on or around The Tree Council’s National Tree Week, marking the start of the new tree planting season.

Sara Lom, Chief Executive, The Tree Council said: “The Another Waynwright Day tree planting is a fabulous example of a community-led initiative. The project shows that trees are an amazing natural solution to many of the challenges we face: from capturing carbon, to improving the air we breathe, creating habitats for wildlife, to improving our wellbeing. Amy and her charity Another Way are leading an important campaign to support a sustainable future for our planet, one which we hope others will replicate. She is inspirational and has our full endorsement.”

Danny Teasdale, Ullswater Catchment Management CIC, commented: ”The combination of farming, soil management, conservation and natural flood management is the best solution to protect our landscapes, countryside and ultimately planet. By working collaboratively with our farming community we can demonstrate the many mutual benefits of tree planting to enhance our environment and also compliment the farm business. Amy’s project is a great example of the work we need to do to support our environment.”

About Another Way

Registered Charity Number 1181438, Another Way is founded by Amy Bray and aims to promote and support behavioural change engendering an environmentally sustainable community. The organisation provides environmental conservation education to the public by providing structured resources that have been researched, released or accepted by the scientific community. The charity focuses on empowering individuals to make changes in their own lives, with the belief that the actions of every inhabitant of this planet are significant.

About Another Waynwright Day – Saturday 31st August 2019

People are asked to join Another Way to ensure the 31st August becomes a landmark date in calendars every year. Another Waynwright Day is a chance to speak out for the earth’s future, and to show a willingness to live sustainably and to make a difference.

Please support Amy, Another Way and Another Waynwright Day at

About The Tree Council

The Tree Council (registered charity no. 279000, founded in 1973) is one of the UK’s leading charities for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment and working in partnership with communities, organisations and government to make trees matter to everyone. As the coalition body for a diverse range of organisations, the Council focuses on getting more trees, of the right kind, in the right places; better care for all trees of all ages and inspiring effective action for trees. For more information

About Ullswater Catchment CIC

Ullswater Catchment Management CIC was established after the floods of 2015, firstly focusing on Glenridding and Patterdale. The work began as part of the local flood action group and due to demand expanded to cover Ullswater and Dacre catchments. We prove that by working with multiple partners we can successfully combine conservation and natural flood management into the farming business, by listening to and working with farmers we can, and have made huge progress with many projects now delivered. Follow our work on Twitter @ullswatercic.

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