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Peter McCall meets with The Youth Commission

Peter McCall

Peter McCall has met with his Youth Commissioners to hear first-hand about their policing issues. They provide a platform for young people to have their say and proactively encouraging other young adults to open up and chat about their views on crime and local experiences of the police.

The Youth Commission have been working on presentations around their 4 priorities; Abusive Relationships, Drugs/Alcohol Misuse, Hate Crimes and Mental Health, and over the next few months will be attending various events such as festivals, emergency services days and parades to listen to the opinions of young people, known as the ‘Big Conversation’.

Peter McCall said: “Asking young people to open up and share their experiences can be daunting. However, by tapping into young people’s personal experiences and views, I am able to hear about the ‘real’ voice of young people.

“It’s essential to allow young people to have a voice because in fighting crime, the youth of today are our adults of tomorrow. It is very easy to patronise young people and say ‘your views are valued’. We have to mean it, listen and hear about things that worry and concern them.

“I often talk about ‘we, not they’ and I look forward to hearing the Youth Commission’s report when they present their findings to myself and members of the force in December.”

Kaytea Budd-Brophy, Senior Manager, Leaders Unlocked said: “The Youth Commission provides a structured system for enabling young people aged 14-25 to shape the future of policing and crime prevention in their areas, working in partnership with their PCCs and police forces.

“We are delighted that Peter McCall has commissioned Leaders Unlocked to work alongside the Youth Commission. It enables young people and under-represented groups in Cumbria to have a stronger voice on the issues that affect their lives.”

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