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QEGS Goes Medieval

Charge! The Norman army takes to the battlefield

Students at Penrith’s Queen Elizabeth Grammar School went back in time on the school’s annual medieval day.

The whole of year 7 enjoyed a day of historical activities including a workshop with weapons demonstrator Ulfric Douglas, and the chance to research and create their own coats of arms using traditional heraldic symbols. Students also paid a visit to Penrith Castle to create floor plans of how the castle may have appeared in its heyday.

Ulric Douglas demonstrates lethal force, medieval style on Archie Robinson
Fire! Katie Wiasara lets fly with her catapult

A catapult competition was fiercely contested, with students vying against each other with their own designs. Francis Laidlaw’s catapult had the longest range, firing a ping pong ball over 30m. Holly Kirkton and Nathan Ferrington won prizes for the most authentic designs.

The day culminated with a recreation of the Battle of Hastings on the school field. Nathan Ferrington and Ben Blackie were chosen to play the part of King Harold and William of Normandy respectively, by virtue of having the best costumes. The two armies faced off against each other, shouting taunts and banging the shields before charging into the fray with great enthusiasm.

Erik Iazageanu proudly displays his coat of arms

QEGS head of history, Peter Baines, said: “Medieval day helps to bring thousand-year old events to life. All the students have entered into the spirit of the occasion with great costumes and catapults and have hopefully had a day to remember.”

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